Our mission

Promote human fulfilment in organizations.

Because we believe that good business comes first and foremost because of good relationships, Retrousse Inc. offers training and coaching services to companies to help them improve the ties between the humans who make up their ecosystem, thanks to a better use of communications.

Our approach combines and adapts an eclectic range of different methods to help our clientele reconnect head, heart and body. For what purpose? Help teams to bond, mobilize employees and managers around a common cause, harness the potential of collective intelligence and finally, enable the development of a consistent corporate culture, based on empathy, respect and individual responsibility.

Our vision

A job market where …:

  • people in charge are more than managers, but leaders;
  • employees feel that their contribution is appreciated and valued;
  • all feel supported and encouraged to give their best and feel that they belong to a cause greater than themselves;
  • personal growth is synonymous with career advancement.