Pascale Dubé, MBA

Everyone can tell you: Pascale loves nothing more than helping the people around her discover themselves. This vocation wasn’t born yesterday since, all the way back to middle shool, her friends came to see her for advice!

But she would never have thought of making a career out of her skill, until one day, she realized a very troubling truth: all around her, colleagues and relatives fell in battle, overwhelmed by a workplace that does not allow them the freedom to be human.

After more than 16 years in various sectors, in organizations of different sizes, Pascale has found that humans are the same everywhere and that their most fundamental need is ultimately the same, whether they were scientists or artists: the need to connect. And this became Retrousse’s mission.



ABLBLALAB is an organization specialized in event game design and social impact games. Alexia and Pascale are collaborating to create a new twist on workshops to bring about reflection and a mindset change, thanks to the power of fun.


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