With its interactive and ever evolving workshops, Retrousse engages its participants and initiate in them a lasting awareness.

Workshops tailored to your needs 

Many studies show that today’s workers are looking for a job where they feel they are serving a higher purpose, an environment where they will feel supported and encouraged by their managers and colleagues, where their talents will be put to work and where they will be offered the tools to develop their skills.

The trainings offered by Retrousse will help you to retain your employees and stand out as an employer.

  1. Why? Why not?
    Find Your Why and build better cohesion with your team.
  2. Jump the fence to get out of the box!
    Break the silos and find creative solutions to your business challenges.
  3. Love is in the Air!
    Develop a culture based on empathy.

In addition, to better serve you, each training is available in your premises and we offer you the same content, in three different formats: lunch-hour conference, half-day (3h) and full day (7h) ,

For more information on the content of our courses or to obtain a quote, do not hesitate to contact us! (link to form)

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